Secure your Blogger Account with Google 2-Step Verification

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Google 2-Step Verification
All bloggers especially in India are well shocked by hearing a news about Amit Agarwal's “how to” blog (Digital Inspiration) got hacked by hackers. So what kind of security you have? Only a strong password. right? It's not enough for your complete blogger protection. Add Google 2-Step Verification method to your blogger account for protecting it. This method is much easy and you can do it within five minutes. Know what is Google 2-Step Verification and learn how to do it.

question mark icon png What's Google 2-step verification & how to setup on Blogger
Google 2-Step Verification helps you to block the access of your blogger account who is gonna open your account illegally. Also it confirms that whether it's the true owner of a blog or not. Its easy to crack your blogger password for hackers, because the main reason seems to be that people are too lazy to change their account password even if they receive security warning from Google. If you are too lazy Google 2-step verification is a apt solution for that. 

Even a hacker knows your username and password, that can not access your account because of the 6-digit random security code. Also your blog is directly link to your mobile and if some one try to access your Google account, you may receive a unique verification code directly to your mobile which you have already used for configuring Google 2-step verification.

It's quite simple and easy to setup on your website or blog. To setup Google 2-Step verification on your blog-spot blog, you have to login to your blogger account and go to Google Account Security page. Then click on the Edit button as you see in below image.

google verification

Google 2-Step Verification: Beginning

Now you will be redirected to a new window and you don't have to look at other things, just ignore all and click the See how it works! button. See the image below.

2-Step Verification by google
Google 2-Step Verification: Press the button as you see in above image

Now you may able to see a page as how sign-in works with 2-step verification. just click on Start setup button and you will directly directed to the next page. See below image for more.

Google 2-Step

Google 2-Step Verification: Ignore all & press Start setup button

Step 1: Now it's the time to insert your 10 digit mobile number. You should very careful about adding mobile number. Because you get the verification code on the same number which you enter. So choose your country and enter your mobile number. Then click Send code button as you see in below image.

Google 2-Step Verification: Step 1 out of 4

Google 2-Step Verification: Step 1 out of 4

Step 2: Turn on your mobile phone and you will receive 6 digit Google verification code straight to your inbox instantly. Insert that verification code in the box and click on the Verify button - Check out below image and clarify your doubts.

Google 2-Step Verification: Step 2 out of 4

Google 2-Step Verification: Step 2 out of 4

Step 3: Check Trust this computer box if it is not checked. It's doing because of  you might be able to access your blogger account with out your 6 digit Google verification code if you lose your mobile phone too. Now click Next button. See below image.

Google 2-Step Verification: Step 3 out of 4

 Google 2-Step Verification: Step 3 out of 4

Step 4: Finally, click on the Confirm button and your 2-Step Verification have been activated (see below image). Now your blog is secured with Google 2 step verification code. When you try to access your blog, it will ask you to enter your 6 digital number which you have already received via mobile phone.

Google 2-Step Verification enable for blogger
 Google 2-Step Verification: Step 4 out of 4

So you will directed to the message as shown below, which implies that your account is both activated and verified - I just hide my Email due to some security issues.

Google 2-step verification is activated
 Your Google 2-step verification is on for your Gmail

You have to insert the verification code every and each time till you permit the app to recollect your computer’s Macintosh Address. Also you can turn-off your Google 2-step verification from Google support page.