Insert Smileys and Symbols in Windows 8 from Keyboard

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Almost all the people are fond of using Yahoo! Smileys for chatting in Facebook and other social media networks. Now Windows 8, the latest version from Microsoft family too has the feature to type smileys and symbols while you're chatting. Windows 8 brings much more feature like all new Metro user interface. However Windows 8 user can seemingly use smiley and emoticons always and high range of social apps from the start screen itself which make the user so user friendly.

The all new Windows 8 touch Keyboard additionally contains a huge collection of smileys and symbols which provides you to add it to your all documents and Twitter tweets with even a single click.

Windows 8 virtual keyboardWindows 8 new touch Keyboard with Smileys and Symbols

This touch keyboard is essentially created for tablet screens. However it can even be used for normal desktops along with your mouse. So learn the way to add smileys and symbols in Windows 8 from below.

Way to Add Smileys & Symbols in Windows 8

So let's begin our journey. To get started open Run Command (Windows Key + R), type the command tiptap and hit Enter. Now you'll be able to switch to desktop in Windows 8 or hit Windows key, on empty space right click within the taskbar and Choose Toolbars → Touch Keyboard. Now you can see the Touch Screen keyboard is visible on your screen.

Now you may simply click on the Touch keyboard, now all your characters (alphabet keys) will change into smiles or emotions. Also it's possible to move the other screens of smileys and symbols by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

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If you have any doubt to clarify you can check out the tutorial video in action from Writing Smileys in Windows 8. Also would like to thank @Amit Agarwal for this tip. Hope this post helps you to add smileys and symbols to all kinds of your documents and chat conversations while you're using Windows 8 OS.