Top 5 Websites to Download Free Fonts for Windows and Macintosh

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Top 5 Websites to Download Free Fonts
The apt usage of fonts in your blog/website will increase your traffic as well as reader's impression. Here we are gonna share top 5 sites to download free fonts for your OS, especially for both Windows and Macintosh. Each site has different types of features. So try to download and use these fonts in your site. These sites are selected to the Top 5 cause of the great response from both web developers and calculated based on download counts.

To avoid any complications and legal issues you can bookmark these sites from where you download the fonts. So what you have to do is just read below article. You can go to your favorite tool by clicking website's image screenshot or it's title.


UrbanFonts offers over 8000 free fonts, every of that is incredibly fascinating in its own approach. The free fonts square measure all sorted alphabetically, and that they may be searched in step with category. the choice of fonts is cool and distinctive, and you'll positively notice what you're probing for here.


Fonts2U is a online repository of computer fonts which have biggest collection of free fonts for Windows and Mac. It offers over 45K fonts. The best part is that they also have a solid offering of fonts in languages apart from English, such as German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. With the category of movie category fonts it's easy to make movies and movie posters. Fonts2u additionally contains the list of font vendors and font designers similarly as often updated lists of top-rated and top-downloaded fonts.

3. Fawnt


Fawnt argues to be a font resource for designers, developers, and all those who love free fonts. It offers over 10K free fonts, also the majority of this fonts are free. You may able to see the fonts which are listed out on the home page. It arranged as a little speech bubbles (as you see in the above screenshot) for easy understanding.


FonTSPace  database has some of the most dramatic fonts we could find in our search. Fontspace permits you to choose over 16,700 free fonts. This website stands up to its promise of fulfilling your font requirements. You can see its most stylish and attractive home page design in above image screenshot itself and as their ever growing fan base will vouch, this website is completely habit-forming.

Search Free Fonts

One of the best features of Search Free Fonts benefits are its keyword option search. It offers over 13K free fonts. Think that you got a good idea about your most liked font or suitable font, but you have no idea about its name or keyword, then you have to search in Search Free Fonts. Just for an example, You need some font collection about New year and Celebration and you searched with the keyword of New year, then this sites gives you a large collection of appropriate fonts related to new year. I think It's one of the best feature which allows you to find the desired font you need.

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First up all thanks for reading this post and if you know more better websites other than this to download free fonts then don’t hesitate to mention them via comments!