Top 10 Tips to Boost Website Traffic in a Week

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tips to increase blog traffic
I strongly believe that it's easy to build a blog, however its not the maximum amount simple to create a successful blog with vital traffic. as a result of there are over a hundred million blogs and it's growing. Also it's a massive and busy world. There is an art to increasing a blog's traffic, and as long as we tend to appear to have came upon a number of that information, I felt it required to provide back by sharing what we've discovered.

Generally speaking there are three varieties of website/blog traffic - Direct Traffic, Search Engine Traffic, and Referral Traffic. All square measure valuable and serve totally different functions, however this post focuses on the referral traffic. So Keep reading to find why several blogs fail and what you'll be able to do to spice up your traffic and whole.

1. Write SEO-Friendly Content ¬

Google search chart

Search engines square measure a huge chance for traffic, however several bloggers ignore this channel for a spread of reasons that sometimes have additional to try and do with concern and misunderstanding than true issues. In 2011, Google received over 3 billion daily searches from round the world, which variety is merely growing as you see in the above image screenshot.

2. Use the Proper Keywords ¬

proper keyword for blog search

If you’re not writing a couple of topic a similar means that your potential audience talks concerning it then several doubtless interested visitors could ne'er notice your website. Optimizing your website to reflect the method people look for your market can assist you increase your blog traffic.

3. Stay Updated ¬

You must keep your blog daily or twice in a week updated to track readers to your website or blog. To get the idea of updated article you may visit massive blogs like Techcrunch, Digital Inspiration and Mashable. Thus you can stay a check on the most recent happenings in order that you'll be able to share them quickly together with your readers.

4. Guest Posts ¬

Guest posts for blogger
Guest posts breathe new life into recent blogs. There are 2 ways in which to use guest posting to revitalize your blog readers. At first, you'll invite leading readers or bloggers in your field to make contemporary content on your blog. Second, you'll write guest posts on alternative blogs and embrace a link back to your blog to attract a brand new audience of interested readers.

5. Join a Blog Carnival ¬

Blog carnivals area unit on-line events wherever bloggers get along to write concerning one specific topic. The host of the carnival can them write a round-up post linking to all or any the participant entries, and participants sometimes link to every others’ entries similarly. You'll be able to organize one along with your friends, or browse for existing ones at

6. Offer E-mail Subscriptions ¬

Email subscription for blogger
Several web users still don’t use RSS feed, thus providing an email subscription to your content may be a should. It's simple to try and do this once you have got a Feedburner account. You have to be compelled to activate this feature underneath “Publicize,” and so copy and paste the subscription link on your website/blog.

7. Comment on Other blogs ¬

Visit different people's blogs on the subject associated with your website/blog. Most blogs permit you to feature comments concerning the problems being mentioned. Add perceptive comments concerning the website/blog topics, and leave your website/blog link there. Both your comment and your link can for good stay on the journal website.

8. Use Social Media Marketing ¬

social media marketing
You would like to let readers grasp that your blog exists by endlessly promoting your blog on a range of social media platforms, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Add skilled individuals in your business in order that on every occasion you tweet a blog post article associate example, you probably may get a re-tweet and gain an inflow of a lot of readers. Finding ways in which to push your blog is crucial to gaining and keeping traffic.

9. Advertise Your Website ¬

Advertise your website
If you've some cash existing, then why not you advertise your website? Advertising your website/blog is one in all the simplest way in which of accelerating traffic, since it offers you instant exposure. Ads on sites about your niche will offer you rather more advantages as compared to alternative sites, since the traffic on similar niche sites is interested in precisely the reasonably stuff you, or different similar sites have.

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10. Market Research ¬

Perform marketing research to seek out target keywords to draw in the foremost ideal customers. Place the keywords within the meta-tags, title, headings and sub-headings. it's conjointly been found that keywords in daring text like headings and sub-headings will facilitate with search engine indexing, and so overall ranking.

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So what are you gonna do to make your website/blog special in a hundred million blogs? Nothing you wanna do more just follow the above 10 steps to to drive more traffic to your website/blog. If you have any other suggestions to include along with above tips, please mention them on via comment or contact form. Thus we can update this post with more suggestions. Peace & blessings.