Top 5 Advertising Networks for Bloggers

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Top Advertising Networks for Bloggers
Advertising sites helps the blogger in earning profits. There are many advertising networks out there which you can use to monetize your blog, but all of them don’t perform well. Some offer you low CPCs while some don’t track all the clicks properly where as some just do not pay on time or have a very high payout limit. Here is a list of top 5 money making websites for those who are looking for how to make money online.

Here we have great list of that websites which gives you money online by placing ads when that ads are clicked by reader then your earn money. These are the major source of monetizing our blog but if we placed these ads smartly then we surely earn more. Below you can see top 5 advertising network for blogger. Lets check it out.

Google Adsense Advertising Programme

Adsense is a number one advertising site for publishers who want to monetize their blogs and websites. This site proved very good for the last few years and has helped many of the webmasters in making good money. Other than clicks this also pays you for the impressions that your site creates per banner. Usually they pay as per 1000 impressions of the banners and is called as CPM advertising. They pay you timely at $100 through cheques.

Chitika Adsense

Considered as the best Adsense alternative, Chitika is really a good ad network. It works equally well with blogs and web sites. Chitika offers geo-targeted advertisements.For example, if an ad targets the Indian audience, suppose the keyword “Mesothelioma”, the ads will only show in India. So, if you own a blog targeting audience of a specific country, you can configure Chitika to show advertisements accordingly. Further, you can also configure Chitika to show an alternative ad in case none of the ads in Chitika’s inventory match your blog.

Infolinks ads

Infolinks is an another in-text advertising network. Infolinks script loads when your blog page is opened, it connects with the Infolinks system, matches the keywords, pulls related advertisements and then highlights the keywords accordingly. The working is same as Kontera and you can expect the same CPC and CTR.

Yahoo Advertising solutions

Yahoo (through the acquisition of Overture) invented sponsored search in 1998,and it has grown at a record-setting pace.Yahoo has continued to drive the category as a market leader and innovator,with industry-leading distribution and advertiser scale that generate superior network benefits and economics for business partners.

Adbrite Advertising Programme

Probably one of the bigger networks. Most people would actually recommend using adBrite over using Chitika. They usually have a solid amount of advertisers, but you may not always have ads running. For that reason it’s up to you if you use them or not. When you do have ads they usually do pay pretty well. Adbrite isn’t as good as Google Adsense but it does work and it does pay.

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Now its your time to decide which Advertising Network is most suitable for you. Anyway I strongly recommend to go with Google Adsense. But its hard to get it. Also you can choose your own way to make money online with your blog.