Add Hone Hone Clock Gadget to Your Blogger Blog

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hone hone clock
I am sure that all bloggers especially beginners would like to add a clock to their blog so I had a quick look and found a variety of clock style named Hone Hone Clock. When I tested this gadget in my demo blog, I was Shocked because its a funny acrobatic human figure Clock. If you load up the page in a new tab, switch away from it, and go back a little bit later, dancers will speed up for a bit to try and catch up to where they should be. At-least just try it.

add this icon png Add Hone Hone Clock to your blogger blog
We have two styles for this gadget. Its not a huge difference but a little change in Hone Hone text only. See both demo and choose your style. You can add it in your blogger gadget easily. Let me explain you how to do it. Follow below steps.

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard >Layout
  • Click on Add a Gadget
  • Choose your desired style
  • Copy and paste the code (below demo) in it

hone hone clock style 1 Hone Hone Clock - style 1

<script charset="Shift_JIS" src=""></script> 

hone hone clock style 2 Hone Hone Clock - style 2

<script charset="Shift_JIS" src=""></script> 

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Save your Gadget and drag your Hone Hone Clock any where in your blog. And you're done! Let us know your opinion about Hone Hone Clock via comments. Wait, let me ask you one question. Are you ready to go with this gadget seriously?