Use Image ALT Tag to Improve Your SEO

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The main problem of  new bloggers are they never care about image alt tag. Actually they do not know what it is. When search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.. observe your site, it can't "see" your image but it can read your blog post (which means text) and therefore search engines can not understand what your image is about, but you can easily solve this problem by adding an image ALT tag.

Every blogger is well aware of that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital, and by adding a image ALT tag to your images, you're serving to your SEO as a result of you'll be able to add targeted keywords within your “ALT” field to assist your SEO. You can see this below pic for just an example.

Use image alt tag Should I use ALT for Image Tags
Matt Cutts discusses the importance of using ALT tags on your images. you can see it as a video of adding ALT tags in your images and improve your traffic from search engines. Watch video - Matt Cutts Discusses the Importance of alt Tags

Matt cutts google Some ALT Tag Tips From Matt Cutts

Let me reiterate the important points raised by Matt Cutts when placing ALT tags on your images.

  • Do not stuff keywords in your ALT tag (i.e. alt=”blogging tips, tips on blogging, blogging”)
  • Use simple description. (i.e. alt=”learn blogging tips”)
  • Do not make your ALT tag spammy (3 to 7 words will do)
  • You can go advance and rename your image (i.e. blogging_tips.gif /.png)
  • Upload your image to the blogger as gif or png
  • Always add caption to your images

question mark icon Blogger Users - What to do
For Blogger users can do the coding in a easy step. To place ALT tags on your images, you need right click on your image and select property.There you can add your image alt tag. See the images with and without ALT Tag.

 How to Add This ALT Tag to Blogger
You can add this ALT Tags to your blog post images. Its so easy. Just follow the below image. (screenshot from new blogger interface)

apple icam image

The “alt” tags represent “alternate text”, you'll be able to write any text in there you wish (as long as it’s short) however the simplest issue to try and do is to use keywords that describe the image and place that within the “alt” tag, that manner when search engines scan your image, they understand what it’s concerning from the alternate text, and having keywords in there helps your SEO.

Think icon logo Think Like a Search Engine User
I additionally advocate you to athink like a a search engine user once you place ALT tags in your Images. Don’t simply use a easy descriptive words on your ALT tag, use descriptive words that search engine users use.

Cross red icon Don’t Use One-Word Generic Terms
When inserting ALT tags in your pictures, don’t use a one-word ALT tag (i.e. alt=”blogging”). Blogging may be a terribly generic and competitive world therefore expect that this has been utilized by lots of blogger in their ALT tags. Try to use three to seven words (i.e. alt=”Apple Icam Camera”). Doing this can improve your probabilities of obtaining traffic from search engines.

Writing pen icon  What Will You Miss in the Absence of ALT Tags
If you’re not using your ALT tags, you’re missing potential traffic from search engines. Adding ALT tags on your images is so simple however rewarding blogging observe. When you utilize a image on your post, don’t forget to put an ALT tag in next time.One thing you have to do now is return to your previous post and place ALT tags on all the images. Happy blogging:)